Karen Appleyard Photography | About

Karen is a full-time Photographer based in Scotland.


So, about the lass behind the camera;

Karen was one of the few full-time female Gamekeepers in the UK, who broke the mould and eventually went on to be promoted to Head Gamekeeper.

But, when after collapsing out of the blue one day, she regrettably had to leave this life behind due to ill health and was then later to be diagnosed with M.E.
After a very active lifestyle, this took some getting used to!
Never one to be sitting around for long and with her health slowly improving, Karen picked up her camera and began to reignite her love for Photography, from which she had in her school days.
Then, bumping into an old family friend one day, who is a Professional Photographer, she took his advice and swapped her trusty compact for a DSLR.
Something 'clicked' and in a short space of time, a new career soon began to develop.

Using Nikon kit, Karen shoots stock, providing images worldwide for Magazines, Books, Advertising, Websites, Businesses etc

From her studio, Karen does Food Photography, which is just as popular as her outdoor work.
Karen also shoots products for small businesses, helps with their websites and social media too.
Basically, Karen undertakes all types of Photography work and there is something for everyone on her site.
Just click on contact in the site menu with regards to Karen working for you!

Karens personal favourites though are, Scotland and Nature.
It was a very natural progress to fall in love with Outdoor Photography, as outdoor life and nature was instilled in to her by her parents from a very early age.

Karen says...
The nature side of things, well I have always loved nature, tis how I was brought up & what I was taught from when I can first remember.
​I didnt really have Dolls & such as a child, I had a Jack Russell terrier given to me when I was four and most of my time was spent outside. I was taught to recognise & identify Birds, Flowers, Trees etc.
Next I was taught the countryside ways, then taught to Shoot & Fish. 
The most important lesson I had though, was to respect Nature & the Countryside.
​I had a fairly strict upbringing, but I also think I had the best and was taught by one of the very best teachers, my Father, who's wealth of knowledge of countryside & nature, is second to none!

I love the challenge of Photographing nature and I am so very lucky to be living in what is possibly the most beautiful place in the world.
Scotland, is a photographers paradise.
There is literally a photograph around every corner.
And the fine Scottish weather, just adds itself to the landscape. 
There is a varied selection on the site and not just the obligatory views of Scotland, I feel there is so much more, I photograph what and how I see.
Those who have been out with me, will tell you, that I like to get off the beaten track at times.
You get A roads & B roads, well I like to explore the smaller ones & we call those K roads.
​I just love coming across the hidden gems of Scotland.

Karen also says; ​I am very lucky to do (yet again) what I love for a living, the Photography is much like my Keepering days, it isn't a job, its a way of life & whilst it can be 24/7, everyday is different, I am constantly learning & seeing new things and it can't get much better than that.

Karen lives at Tulloch near Enochdhu after relocating from Ardmair in the northwest Highlands.
She lives with her partner Alistair and her trusty & crazy sidekick, Poodle Barclay, who is usually seen at her side.
'So, if you see a girl carrying a Nikon & walking with a Poodle, chances are it is them, stop & say hello'